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Released: Mar 6, 2017
Updated: Mar 6, 2017 by Corby
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Release Notes

March 6, 2017

DB Compare 2.0.1

This releases has updates to the following areas:

1. Check Constraints were not being loaded via XML during a remote compare.

(non functional)
2. The link to the book The Libertarian Dictator switched from to now it is free on YouTube

3. I updated the Random Banner control to show 5 of my most popular open source projects in addition to my Teeth-A-Thon Go Fund Me campaign and The Libertarian Dictator.

-- From Previous Version --

DB Compare 2.0 is finally here!

I spent all my time off during the holidays and tried to have this release finished by New Year’s Day 2017, but I finally finished all but 10 days later than planned.

This is a major release of DB Compare as I added quite a few new features:

1. I added the ability to export the database schema to Xml and the ability to perform a comparison of the Xml against a SQL Server database.

2. I made a couple of speed improvements by reducing the number of round trips to the server; one query for all the tables versus querying for each table.

3. I now compare foreign key constraints

4. The stored procedure parameters and return set schema are loaded. Since the text of the stored procedures must match exactly, I didn’t add any code to compare the parameters and return set schema, although both are exported to Xml.

At my current day job, I must keep my local dev SQL Server database in sync with the databases on our dev, test and production servers. In the past I would script my entire local dev database and create a temporary database on whichever VM I was updating. This worked, but it was very time consuming.

Now with DB Compare 2.0, I simply export my local dev database to Xml and then perform a comparison on the VM I am updating against the Xml. Another nice feature of the Xml exporting ability, is you can export two databases to Xml and use a program like Diff or I use Code Compare because my company bought it for me, and view any differences in the Xml Files. This is actually more thorough than the comparisons performed by DB Compare.

The Xml comparison features were made possible by another open source project of mine:

Xml Mirror 2.0

I first wrote Xml Mirror in 2012 and I tried to sell it for a few years, but I am horrible at marketing so I decided to give it away rather than having sit on my hard drive and only me using it.

The first version of Xml Mirror only created parsers. To implement the remote comparison features of DB Compare I needed an easy way to export multiple objects to Xml. I have used Xml Serializer and I had some problems using it to the point I couldn’t use it in a production application and feel confident it would work 100% of the time.

I did have to restructure several objects in because Xml Mirror works really well for reading and writing objects of List<T> (System.Collections.Generic) versus System.Collections.CollectionBase objects that I had used originally.

I have tested the new version of DB Compare for a week or more now and I consider it stable. If you encounter any problems please report the problem on the Issues tab of this website or you may email me at

I will do my best to answer all emails if possible.



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