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DB Compare 1.0 Source Code

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Released: Feb 25, 2012
Updated: Feb 25, 2012 by CorbyNichols
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Source Code DB Compare 1.0 Source Code
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Release Notes

The source code consists of a Visual Studio 2010 solution that contains two projects.

DataClassBuilder.Net.Dll - This is the main code generation engine of RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit, located at .

In my completely biased opinion RAD Studio is the best C# code generator / data tier creator / stored procedure generator for C# and other .Net developers.

In addition to the time savings that DB Compare saves me, I built this project to demonstrate RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit. I think more developers would use it if they knew about it and how to use it property.

Hopefully this project will become popular and also increase the popularity of RAD Studio, as there is alot of very useful code in the program.

One last thing, if you do wish to work on the code, I have another project called Regionizer, which is a Visual Studio Package that docks in the toolbar where the Solution Explorer or Properties Window is located, and will format a C# document into regions for Private Variables, Methods, Constructors, Events and Properties.

About DB Compare:

DB Compare is a simple tool that compares two instances of SQL Server and compares the of the tables, views and stored procedures to make sure they are up to date.

To use the tool enter a connection string for the source database and target database and a Comparison Report is generated on screen that will report if the databases are equal or if they are not equal any differences are shown.

This is a sample project built using RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit, which is located at .

The next release of RAD Studio will include this project, but I am swamped at the moment so I did not want to delay the release of DB Compare as I feel many developers will find it useful.

Another reason I made this project as a seperate release is that this project has a wider appeal as any SQL Server developer that works with local and production (or off site) copies of a database.

Here is a short scenario of what this tool saves me, perhaps you have similiar job duties.

I often have to maintain off site databases and ensure they are synchronized with my local development instances, but to ensure they are up to date I usually have to perfrom the following:

1. Script all tables, views and procedures from my development machine.
2. Script local records that are on the product machine so I can reinsert them after the schema is updated.
3. Execute the new schema on the production database(s).
4. Reinsert the local records that are required to run

Now with DB Compare, I can script only the items that have changes, if any.

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