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1.12.2017: I just fixed two bugs that caused me to have pull the last release and publish another update.

1. Stored Procedure Text has to be encoded

The text of a stored procedure when written to Xml has to be encoded in case it contains any greater than (>), less than (<), or Ampersands (&) symbols.

I already have a class called Xml Pattern Helper and I had this code written, but while making the video I accidently overwrote the actual code before I smartened up and made a copy for the project.

2. I wrote the error wrong if the DBFieldName does not match.

I wrote the error as 'The target database field 'DB Name' does not match. This confused me because I do not have that property in the DataField object. I decided to fix that with this release since I had to publish an update for the stored procedures.

Update: You can watch the DB Compare Intro Movie on YouTube at:

DB Compare is used to compare two SQL Server databases.

DB Compare is useful to compare production, development and deployed databases.

Enter or build the source and target connectionstrings and click the Compare Databases button.

The tables, views, functions and stored procedures are compared and any changes are reported.

Version 1.1.9 executes sp_helptext for each stored procedure, and the text is compared for each stored procedure. This is very sensitive so any comments or localizations will report a difference, even if it is not a true schema difference.

DB Compare is built using RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit, available at

Please visit and support

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