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to know about the server to be used in dbcompare

May 30, 2014 at 7:30 AM
In DB compare tool i dont know how to make a connection with source database to the server and also target database to the server.

Whether is it mandatory to use sql server 2005 or sql server 2000 alone or can we able to use sql server latest versions and other servers such as mysql?

If it is mandatory to use sql server 2000 or sql server 2005 please provide me some links. I dont know anything about sql server.. so please guide me..

Thank you...!!!
Jun 3, 2014 at 4:14 PM
Edited Jun 3, 2014 at 4:16 PM
Hi, sorry I didn't see this until today.

You can use any version of SQL Server, 2000 or higher should work provided you can build a connection string.

First off, just to clarify you mentioned make a connection with the source database to the server and the target database to the server;
That is not exactly the way it works.

You enter or build a connection string to each database.

Source Database:
To build a connection for the source database, click the ellipses button next to the source connection string (The button with '. . .' text)

From there, select either Windows or SQL Server Authentication.

If the source database is your local server you will probably just use Windows Authentication here, if your source database is a network server it could be either depending on your network, bust most likely SQL Server Authentication is used to connect to remote servers.

The SQL Server must support 'Mixed Authentication' for SQL Server logins to be able to connect.

For SQL Server, enter your:
Server Name
Database Name
SQL User Name

Click the 'Build Connection String Button', this will create your connection string.

Click the 'Test Connection String Button' to test if the connection works.

If it does, click the 'Select' button and this will server as the source connection string.

Repeat the process for the Target connection.

Then once you have both connection strings in place, click the 'Compare Database Button'.

You should see any schema differences reported or 'Target Database Is Up To Date' message.

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